press release

Sara Tecchia Roma New York is proud to present a curatorial experiment.

So there's this text by William Burroughs and Brion Gysin called the Third Mind. It's about the cut-up, where words or even segments of film can be randomized and create new forms that make just as much sense as the original, sometimes even become prophetic. This show isn't really about that, but rather what happens when two artists try to stay true to their own practices while collaborating on a single piece. We asked our gallery artists, as well as some new folks to choose a partner and make a piece for our summer show. They could do anything they wanted. No rules.

At the moment of this press release, we've only seen a few results. Ludovica Gioscia applied her custom silkscreened wallpaper skills to a pair of sculptor Karen Tang's oversized Ray-Ban sunglasses. Robert Brinker did one of his signature cut out patterns over a fancy moth photo by Joseph Scheer and a comic collage by Pamela Joseph. And then there are the drawings that Antistrot did with Elena Monzo. In case you don't know, Antistrot is already a collective, a group of Rotterdaminions that work together on stuff. Monzo's addition is great in that it adds a hint of femininity to the otherwise macho blood-and-guts subject matter. Very nice.

As for the other pieces, I guess we'll see those when they come in. There is talk of all sorts of things, and many have refused to give even us a sneak preview. We're actually a little scared, but scared like a rollercoaster. Fun scared. Not scarey scared.

WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? Featuring collaborative pieces by: Antistrot + Elena Monzo | Robert Brinker + Joseph Scheer Ludovica Gioscia + Karen Tang | Pamela Joseph + Robert Brinker Christina McPhee + Benjamin Fink | Christa Parravani + Helen Garber Clement Price-Thomas + Duston Spear | Roger Ricco + Luke Gilvey Lucien Samaha + John Movius Dates: July 9–August 3, 2007 Reception: Monday, July 9, 6 – 8pm


Künstler: Antistrot , Robert Brinker, Benjamin Fink, Helen Garber, Luke Gilvey, Ludovica Gioscia, Pamela Joseph, Christina McPhee, John Movius, Christa Parravani, Elena Monzo, Roger Ricco, Lucien Samaha, Joseph Scheer, Duston Spear, Karen Tang, Clement Price-Thomas