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Jordan Crandall introduces his work during the symposium "Time and Space in artistic practices", organized by the Dutch Association of Aesthetics

Work in Transit is an experimental way in which Witte de With will make its program accessible to the public by means of presentations, lectures, discussions, documentation, and archive projects. Work in Transit serves as an interface within the production process of Witte de With's program and within the research into the visibility of the projects.

The Work in Transit program revolves around long-running projects such as Contemporary Arab Representations, as well as productions that Witte de With is developing with various individuals: … Jordan Crandall … Liisa Roberts … Lukas Einsele … Roger Buergel … It will also provide a platform for projects connected with culture in the city of Rotterdam: … Diego Barajas … Karel Doing … Stealth Group … Nasrin Tabatabai … Pressetext

Work in Transit
Präsentationen, Diskussionen, Dokumentationen, Archiv
mit Arbeiten von Jordan Crandall, Liisa Roberts, Lukas Einsele, Roger Buerge, Diego Barajas, Karel Doing, Stealth Group , Nasrin Tabatabai

Work in Transit program:
02.10.2003 Präsentation Jordan Crandall
Ort: Dutch Architecture Institute (NAI), Rotterdam
Informationen: Jordan Crandall - homepage

07.02 - 29.02.2004 NEWS FROM TEHERAN - a project by Nasrin Tabatabai