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"Under my skin you've got my mind rearranged." Bebe le Strange, Heart, 1980

D’ Amelio Terras is pleased to present Bebe le Strange, a collection of works by emerging artists who render the human figure as unfamiliar, uncanny --or simply strange. Through strategies such as the documentation of performative gestures, the fragmentation of the body into parts and the endless replication of the figure, the human subject becomes estranged from its familiarity within the everyday.

Oliver, Beshty and Quinlan document their own performances, making plausible real life situations appear subtly out of the ordinary. Carter, Isenstein, and Keegan represent the body as a collection of fragmented parts removed from their unified context. Degen, Choit, and Jones represent the disturbing situation of the body on the verge of becoming its surroundings. Crosher & Grant, Vanderbeek, and Hewitt depict the human body as an object on which to project personal narrative.


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Bebe le Strange
kuratiert von Rachel Uffner, Barb Choit

mit Walead Beshty, Carter , Barb Choit, Zoe Crosher & Leslie Grant, Benjamin Degen, Corin Hewitt, Jamie Isenstein, William Jones, Matt Keegan, Demetrius Oliver, Eileen Quinlan, Johannes Vanderbeek