press release

Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018
13.10.2018 - 25.03.2019

The exhibition Presenting work by 32 artists and artist collectives, the exhibition invites visitors to explore what it means to be “international” at this moment in time, and to experience museum joy. The pleasure of being with art and other people inspired the composition of this International—a series of encounters with contemporary art inside the world of Carnegie Museum of Art.

The 57th Carnegie International include:

1 independent exhibition-maker
6 art collectives and collaborations
13 individual artists who use the pronoun “he”
17 individual artists who use the pronoun “she”
20 artists who live in the US
3 artists who live in Asia
5 artists who live in Europe
2 artists who live in Africa
1 artist who lives in South America
1 artist who lives in the Middle East

Five projects
The following five projects-in-progress offer a flavor of the expansiveness and particularity of the exhibition to come. They showcase this International’s grounding here in Pittsburgh and underscore the connectedness that makes the exhibition a rigorously crafted whole.

Postcommodity is an interdisciplinary, indigenous art collective from the American Southwest. Their monumental work for the International will transform the museum’s grand Hall of Sculpture with materials of the city’s industrial past—glass, coal, and steel—and with performances by local musicians rooted in Pittsburgh’s history of jazz.

Zoe Leonard
New York-based Zoe Leonard’s contribution to the International is part of a new epic: to photograph and chart the length of the Rio Grande as it forms a charged, serpentine border between the United States and Mexico.

Art Labor with Joan Jonas
The Ho Chi Minh City–based collective Art Labor will make a hammock café complete with coffee service. This extension of their ongoing project, Jarai Dew, will bring together research into Vietnam’s coffee industry, painting, sculpture, and sound to create a vibrant and relaxing social experience. The installation will be crowned by kites painted by pioneering video, performance, and installation artist Joan Jonas.

Dayanita Singh
A New Delhi-based artist with a background in photojournalism, Singh has created new ways to bring her photographs of archives, family, and poetic spaces into the world. For the International, she is contributing a portable exhibition in the form of modular teak structures that collect and display photographs of mysterious bundles.

Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin
Pittsburgh-based artists Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin will transform the museum’s Forum Gallery into a busy studio with pairs of painters at work. For the duration of the exhibition, the painters will create thousands of text-based paintings of rejected artwork titles (The Pink Bungalow, for example, or The Song of the Talking Wire) from Internationals between 1896 and 1931.