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Six artists interpret the concept of home in a double-site exhibition in Cork city

home; 1. place where one lives 2. an institution for the care of the elderly, infirm etc 3. of one's home, birthplace or native country 4. sport played on one's own ground 5. to or at home 6. (followed by in on) direct or to be directed onto (a point or target). at home; at ease. bring home to; make clear to.

From August 31 to October 4, six Irish and international artists will install works which respond to the concept of "home" at two sites in the city centre; the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, and Civic Trust House, Pope's Quay.

The artists use the term HOME in all its interpretations as a starting point to question, challenge and reflect on the contemporary idea of what a home is. The participating artists are: Francesco Simeti at Civic Trust House and Christoph Büchel, Paul Gregg, Ellen Harvey, Martin Healy [who also curated the exhibition], Emily Jacir and Tom Molloy at the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery.

Each artist has approached the concept differently. Francesco Simeti use the medium of wallpaper to contrast the notion of domesticity with the alienation of refugees; Paul Gregg creates a synthesis of the modern appliance with the cosiness of the open fire; Tom Molloy examines our changing standard of living through a commentary on Ireland's accelerated property market; Emily Jacir's Ramallah/New York was informed by her experience of living between the two cities in the last six years; Martin Healy draws on cinematic references to explore the kitsch phrase 'There's no place like home'; and Ellen Harvey's piece invites the viewer to reflect on domesticity via her mirrored etching.

The works have been placed in the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, and in Cork 2005's own offices in Civic Trust House. Cork 2005 Director John Kennedy said we are delighted that we can open up our own head-quarters to facilitate one of the pieces in this exhibition.

Programme Director Mary McCarthy added having artists as curators has been one of the ambitions of Cork 2005 and this exhibition fulfils this aim, as well as bringing together some of the most exciting international contemporary art practitioners to address a fundamental issue facing all European cities, including Cork: that of how people make a place their home.


Cork 2005 presents:
Orte: Crawford Municipal Art Gallery; Civic Trust House, Pope´s Quay
Kurator: Martin Healy

mit Francesco Simeti, Christoph Büchel, Paul Gregg, Ellen Harvey, Martin Healy, Emily Jacir, Tom Molloy