press release

Feather Throat is a publication put together by Christopher Kline summer 2010 featuring the work of 13 kindred spirits. Grimmuseum will co-publish a second pressing of the booklet for the exhibition with additional material. The second issue of Feather Throat will be released in spring 2011 featuring 13 different artists, with an accompanying exhibition.

Feather Throat
Kurator: Christopher Kline

Künstler: Özlem Altin, Sarah Cain, Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Annice Kessler, Bill Kouligas / Kathryn Politis, Shon Mahoney, Ryan McLaughlin, Jim Peluso, Laura Piasta, Amy Porter, Annika Rixen, Marcel Türkowsky, Brent Wadden.