press release

Sies + Höke is delighted to present ‘First Day of Good Weather', a group show organized by the independent art space Despacio (Costa Rica).

Despacio is widely considered one of the few independent Latin American voices that has had such a continuous influence over the art world in the last decade. Its vision and contribution to the development of Central America’s artistic voice is truly unique.

Sies + Höke gave Despacio`s curator Sandino Scheidegger and founder Federico Herrero a Carte blanche to present an extensive exhibition of Latin American artists they encountered along their way or were inspired by in their own creative practice. 

Featured Artists: Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Iván Argote, Sol Calero, Javier Calvo, Luis Camnitzer, Benvenuto Chavajay, Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker, Alejandro de la Guerra, Melissa Guevara, Federico Herrero, Walterio Iraheta, Alfredo Jaar, Regina José Galindo, Aníbal López, Teresa Margolles, Adrian Melis, Ronald Morán, Rivane Neuenschwander, Yoshua Okón, Lilian Porter, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Abigail Reyes, Crack Rodríguez, Gabriel Rodríguez, Gabriel Sierra, Adán Vallecillo, and Guillermo Vargas Habacuc.