press release

Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla

Showcasing works from MCASD's permanent collection, as well as newly commissioned pieces, Specific Objects explores the ideas and influence of Minimalist art. In 1965, sculptor and art critic Donald Judd coined the term "specific objects" to describe artwork that challenged the traditional categories of painting and sculpture by exploring the ideas of structure, seriality, and material. These characteristics have remained pertinent to contemporary artists and continue to inform younger generations of artists who have developed their work in relation to a minimalist framework. The exhibition will feature the work of Robert Mangold, Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin, Carl Andre, Donald Judd, and Agnes Martin, the original practitioners of Minimalism. Their work will be seen in relation to California artists such as Robert Irwin and John McLaughlin, and also to younger artists such as Byron Kim, Steve Roden, and Damían Ortega, whose work infuse minimalist forms and materials with an underlying content that is relative to contemporary issues. Specific Objects will demonstrate not only the impact of Minimalism on artists in the United States, but show examples of how these ideas have infiltrated and influenced artmaking in Latin America and around the globe.

The entire exhibition will be on view from 9/26/04 through 1/30/05. Selections from the exhibition will continue to be on view through 9/4/05, allowing an opportunity for greater engagement with major works from MCASD's permanent collection.