press release

Tina B, an acronym for “This Is Not Another Biennale,” is a contemporary art festival planned for every two years in the Czech capital of Prague. The inaugural event takes place from May 18–June 27, and organizers hope to draw a whole new breed of visitor to the Golden City: prominent art collectors from abroad, representatives from renowned art galleries and institutions, and high-profile personalities on the international art scene as well as international art journalists.

With around 70 artists participating in sections organized by a field of just nine curators, viewers can expect a clearer and more concentrated presentation of art than with more unwieldy productions. At the same time, the organizers realize the importance of social networking.

A VIP and press week is scheduled from June 6–12, and there will be dinners, receptions and other social events. This is just prior to Art Basel and the festival overlaps with two biennales in Romania. Tina B also coincides with the annual Art Prague art fair, which runs May 23–28. This timing offers an unbeatable synergy in terms of an influx and galvanization of artists, curators, art dealers and collectors.

Visitors who come to Prague for the art will have the opportunity to gain a unique view into the country’s history and architecture as they travel among the various Tina B venues.

The Functionalist monolith of Veletrzní Palace, home to the Czech National Gallery’s collection of modern and contemporary art, will house such sections as Pascal Beausse’s “Same Same but Different” and “Peep Show,” exploring the border between art and pornography. An intriguing mesh of cultures takes place with the project “Oy/Eh,” exploring the contemporary art of Finland and Canada,

In the vast post-industrial space of Karlín Hall, Curator Andrée Cooke is making use of the former factory’s sheer scale to bring viewers into contact with a Galilean concept from Michael Cross that provides visitors with the interactive experience of walking on water and a kinetic mural by Rose Finn-Kelcey.

The sober emptiness of the hilltop National Monument is an ideal setting for Daniele Balit’s section “In a Silent Way,” which will send sound-based installations resonating throughout the mausoleum-like atmosphere.

Guaranteed to be an adventure in international contemporary art, Tina B invites you to Prague to see what she is all about.

The main exhibitions will be on view at the Veletrzni Palace, which houses the National Gallery's collection of modern and contemporary art.

Tina B - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival 2006
Hauptveranstaltungsort: Veletrzni Palace
Kuratoren: Johannes Schmidt, Daniele Balit, Roger Szmulewicz, Tina b., Pascal Beausse, DREAMGIRLS , Anneke McGuire / Kirsimaria Toronen–Ripatti, Adam Vackar

Künstler: Susan Philipsz, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, David Adam, Theo Böttger, Jan Brokof, Andreas Gefeller, Ellen Harvey,
Frank Höhle, Thoralf Knobloch, Jörg Scheibe, Tim Davis, Katy Grannan, Alix Smith, Alec Soth, Karel Balcar, Fiona Banner, Veronika Bromova, Jiri Chmelar, Daniel Gonzales, Anna Jermolaewa, Kristof Kintera, Susanne Pastor, Minna Pyyhkala, Thomas Ruff, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Richard Wiesner, Shimada Yoshiko, Liz Cohen, Rodolphe Huguet, Didier Marcel, Mathieu Mercier, Stefan Nikolaev, Bruno Peinado, Pascal Rivet, Wang Du, Deborah Thackeray, Kirsten Kempfer, Martina Zschocke, Nadja Rovderova, Nina Bjorkman, Nakahira Masako, Maisa Tikkanen, Ritva-Liisa Virtanen, Apollo Mixed Media Collective, Susanna Kolehmainen, Matti Makkonen, Gary Evans, Eli Langer, Jason McLean, Etienne Zack, Lesley Ewen, Daniel Gonzales, Ange Leccia, Attila Richard Lucacs / Phil Jackson, Petr Pisarik, Sean Rogg, Marielis Seyler, Vladimir Skrepl, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Adel Abdessemed, The Blue Noses Group, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Adam Vackar ...